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This landmark feature film is one of the first movies created in Zomi - the native language of one of Myanmar's ethnic minorities. Due to the oppressive military regime (and now recent civil war) thousands of refugees of this ethnicity and many others have fled Myanmar and resettled in the United States and around the world, with around 400,000 people worldwide claiming Zomi as their native language. 


Khan Pi is a father, retired from military special operations, and struggling to pay medical bills since the death of his wife. Offered a chance to get rich, Khan Pi has to decide whether to care for his family or maintain his integrity.

Hih movie pen zomi te pawl movie bawl masak pen lam ah a pa hi a - zomi pen kawlgam aa om Pasian um minam tawm no te pau hi. Kawlgam kumpi te ii zawh thawh uk na (adiakdiak in tu lai tak thu piiang) te hang in om na mun hoih zong in zomi tampi kawlgam pan tai khia in US hi ta leh gam tuamtuam ah zuan uh hi, mi 400,000 val in kei zomi hi ing ki ci uh hi. 

Nuam tak a zopau leh mangpau a thei te a ding in a et nop leh a tel nop ding in manglai leh Zolai in ki gelh khia hi. Hih video bawl mungtup pi pen in ah haksat na ii tuak ciang Pasian muan theih na, khat leh khat ki it na, mawh ki mai sak na leh tha ki piak na te a hi hi. 

Official Trailer
Official Trailer - Sin Lai Guh Ling Bang Do (Thorn In The Center Of The Heart)

Official Trailer - Sin Lai Guh Ling Bang Do (Thorn In The Center Of The Heart)

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Showtimes & Locations

Previous Showings In:  

  • Tulsa, OKLAHOMA

  • Grand Ledge, MICHIGAN (Sun Theatre)

  • Catonsville, MARYLAND

  • Oklahoma City, OKLAHOMA

  • Dallas, TEXAS

  • Atlanta, GEORGIA

  • Nashville, TENNESSEE

  • Bowling Green, KENTUCKY

  • Lansing, MICHIGAN (Celebration Cinema)

  • Columbus, OHIO

  • Portland, OREGON

  • Seattle, WASHINGTON

  • Ft. Lauderdale, FLORIDA

  • Miami, FLORIDA

  • Pensacola, FLORIDA

  • Melbourne, AUSTRALIA

To host a showing of this film in your city or church, please contact us today! 

Na om na khua a hi zong na pawlpi te in et nop na khat a om a leh tuni in ki contact thei hi!

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