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Thang Mung - Director & Producer

For over 7 years, Thang Mung has been creating video content for individuals and organizations in mid-Michigan. He has directed and produced short films on mental health, diversity, and education, in a over half a dozen languages. At a Michigan television station, he helped create commercials to promote the automotive, medical, and retail industries, and has always loved using his skills to serve the community around him.  


But Mung's passion has always been to create full-length feature films; he loves telling untold stories, and bringing unsung heroes to life.


2021 saw the realization of this lifelong dream, with the production and debut of Sin Lai Guh Ling Bang Do - Thorn in the Center of the Heart. Acclaimed by the Zomi community as the best quality film made in their language to date, Mung is grateful to the team that made this project possible, and proud to be its executive producer, director, and cinematographer. 

He looks forward to future projects that continue to showcase the Love of God. 

Thang Mung Films Mission Statement


To be global leaders in creating authentic, exciting action films that communicate the Love of God. 

Thang Mung Films

EXILE - Thang Mung's second feature-length film - is currently in the final stages of production. Another action-packed family film with a message about the Love of God - EXILE is loosely based on the life of the Biblical character Moses. 

Sin Lai Guh Ling Bang Do - Thorn in the Center of the Heart is Thang Mung's debut full-length film. This action-packed, landmark feature film is one of the first movies subtitled in both English and Zomi Chin - the native language of one of Myanmar's Christian ethnic minorities - and explores themes of forgiveness, love, courage, and trusting God through difficult times.  

Purpose is Thang Mung's debut film as a director. Created for a local film competition, this short film depicts a veteran with PTSD as he rediscovers the meaning of life. 
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