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EXILE: Muang, once groomed as a merciless assassin, defies orders to harm an innocent girl, breaking ties with his criminal past. His path crosses with Nuam, a struggling waitress managing family hardships. As he witnesses their unity, Muang discovers love and family he never imagined. Yet, when Nuam's brother's destructive habits endanger them, Muang confronts his past. 

SIN LAI GUH LING BANG DO - THORN IN THE CENTER OF THE HEART - is Thang Mung's debut full-length film. This action-packed, landmark feature film is one of the first movies subtitled in both English and Zomi - the native language of one of Myanmar's ethnic minorities - and explores themes of forgiveness, love, courage, and trusting God through difficult times.  

PURPOSEThang Mung's debut film as a director. Created for a local film competition, this short film depicts a veteran with PTSD as he rediscovers the meaning of life. 
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