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Cast Members


Khai Boih as Muang

Siam Za Khai (Khai Boih) plays Muang - the male lead in the EXILE film. 

Khai Boih was born in Tedim and grew up in Yangon, Myanmar. He is a former Myanmar National Taekwondo Team athlete and has competed in various international taekwondo tournaments. Following his college graduation in Myanmar, Khai moved to the US and enrolled in a Bachelor of Science program in Construction Management at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln where he also began training in Judo and Boxing.

Peter Lian as Lian Do

Peter Lian plays Lian Do - the antagonist in the EXILE film.  

Peter Lian was born in Aizawl and grew up in Tonzang. He and his family immigrated to the US when he was 15 years old, and in 2017 he received his high school diploma. After receiving his diploma, he immediately enrolled in the Police Academy, where he served as a cadet officer for around three years, while also attending college to study criminal justice. He won the Zomi Mr award in 2018 and participated in several other pageants. He currently is a self-employed entrepreneur.


Nuam Boih as Nuam

Cing Hau Nuam (Nuam Boih) plays Nuam - the female lead in the EXILE film.

Nuam Boih is from New Darkhai, and has lived in the US for 11 years with her family, including 7 siblings. She recently received her Bachelor of Science in Biology from Southwestern Adventist University as a result of prayer, perseverance, and family support, and is currently working toward enrolling in medical school. It is her deepest desire to be able to help others, especially her people in Myanmar.

Gin Mung as Aksi

Gin Mung plays the role of Aksi - the female lead’s brother.


Gin Mung is someone in whom Zomi people take great pride. Many young people look up to him as an inspiration, and he constantly encourages them to achieve their dreams through hard work and dependence on God.

Gin Mung has a real passion for acting and indie/art house films. He enjoys using the medium of film to convey genuine human emotion and experience so that viewers can connect. He wants to inspire people and improve their quality of life by sending them positive messages through his film.


Laizom Kampu as Master Do

Nang Do Kam @Master Laizom Kampu plays the role of Master Do. Master Kampu was born in B.kalzang and raised in Tamu, Myanmar. Since he was a young child, Master Kampu has had a strong interest in martial arts, and after years of commitment and hard work, he has earned a Black Belt 3rd Dan in Shaolin Kung Fu. He was both the director of and an actor in the first Zomi martial arts film - called The First Zomi Action Film & Kungfu Show. He currently resides in Tulsa, Oklahoma, together with his family.

In our Zomi Community, Master Kampu is a highly esteemed figure who genuinely cares about the Zomi people and wants to see them thrive. He founded the Zomi Future Generations Club (also known as the Zomi Khangthak Club), where he teaches children Zomi culture, self-defense, and self-discipline. In order for children to be fluent in our native tongue, he also teaches them how to read and write in Zomi.

Don Cochran as Russian Mobster

Don Cochran - who plays a Russian Mobster in the film EXILE - grew up in a family with a strong passion for music. This passion for music led Don onto the stage, performing in many musical theater productions. Don is the owner of Cochran Entertainment, which provides DJ/KJ Services and performance shows.


Haw Hawm as Agent Hawm

Haw Hawm, who plays a federal agent in the film EXILE, was born and raised in Myanmar. She enjoys the arts and grew up singing at church. When she moved to the US, she auditioned for a play in her high school theater, where she discovered her passion for the performing arts.

Haw Hawm is a devout woman with a compassionate soul, who maintains her humility despite her many talents. She is incredibly committed and gives her all in everything she does.

Pa Pau as Pa Khual

Vungh Cin Pau (Pa Pau) play’s the role of Pa Khual, the lead female character’s father. Mr. Pau is a father of three children, whom he loves very dearly. In January 2011, he and his family moved to Lansing, Michigan, where they have resided since. Mr. Pau is a recognized leader in the Lansing, Michigan, Zomi community. He is a kind-hearted man who works very hard.


Marc Hemingway as Agent Marc

EXILE's Executive Producer, Marc Hemingway, also plays the role of a federal agent in the film. He was born in Lansing, Michigan and studied electrical and computer engineering at Lansing Community College and Michigan State University. Marc loves film-making, especially the chance it gives him to put ideas into motion!

Marc is passionate about creating films that lift up the name of Jesus and His love for all people.

“May this film move people closer to the Lord in grace and faith!”

Tuangno as Pa Piang

Gin Tuang (Tuangno) plays the role of Pa Piang - the lead male character’s father. Tuangno, who was born and raised in Tedim, Myanmar immigrated to the US in 2013 and is presently a resident of Nashville, Tennessee. He is the second-youngest of six siblings. His enthusiasm in singing and acting dates back to his early years. In addition to being a youth leader, he has enjoyed participating in other film projects since moving to the US.


Moncii as Nu Cing

Nang Moncii plays the role of Nu Cing - the lead male character’s mother. She is from Tui Tang Zang, and moved to the US in 2011. She is happily married with a beautiful son. She desires to continue giving thanks to the Lord and serving Him alongside her family.

Josh Ryan as Dylan

Josh Ryan plays the role of ‘Dylan’ in the upcoming film. Josh Ryan is overjoyed at every opportunity to bring any character to life with a focus on creativity and authenticity. At the end of the day, he enjoys melding the two worlds of emulating real life while emphasizing creating a character that is entertaining to watch - from playing classical theater and literature characters, such as: Claude Frollo (Hunchback, 2022), Leonato (Much Ado, 2021), Count Almaviva (Barber of Seville, 2020) to modern roles in multiple original Northern America film productions.

His personal passion is people, building relationships and desiring to have an impact on those in and around his life. His professional and creative passion is visual entertainment, both as an actor and as a director/writer. He ultimately hopes to be able to continue to blend these two passions by creating visual entertainment that has a real and personal impact on its viewers.


Dr. Andre Smith as Master Do's Right-Hand Man

André Smith, MD was born in South Bend, Indiana, and is a Family Practice Physician in Lansing, Michigan. He is an avid Martial artist in Tang Soo Do and Winh Chun Kungfu for over 20 years. André Smith plays the role of Master Do's right-hand man in EXILE. Additionally, he assists with the choreography of the Winh Chun fights, as his master trained with Bruce Lee's master, Ip Man’s son. He graduated with a BA in Biology and subsequently, graduated from Michigan State University College of Human Medicine.

Brett A. Eckhart as Ninja

Certified to teach multiple styles of martial arts from around the world, Brett Allen Eckhart began choreographing & teaching staged combat professionally in 1999. He also draws from his many years of experience as a percussionist, vocalist, lyricist, writer, illustrator, weapon maker, designer, video editor, costumer, & award-winning actor, to offer a variety of services & support to local productions. In addition to playing a ninja in the upcoming movie, Brett contributed to the production by instructing our actors in a variety of fighting styles, such as Kali, Silat, Panantukan, Muay Thai, Wing Chun, & Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.

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