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Cast Members



Gin Mung as Khan Pi

Gin Mung plays the male lead, Khanpi, in Sin Lai Guh Ling Bang Do - Thorn in the Center of the Heart

Gin Mung considers himself a world citizen. He strives to break boundaries and connects people through storytelling. He is always pleased to find opportunities to work in multicultural environments where he can learn, grow, and share.

Don Cochran as General Reese

The film’s antagonist, General John Reese, is played by Don Cochran!

Don grew up in a family with a strong passion for music. This passion for music led Don onto the stage, performing in many musical theater productions. Don is the owner of Cochran Entertainment, which provides DJ/KJ Services and performance shows.

“Working on this project has been a positive and professional experience. All the actors, the crew, the director were all respectful and worked well together as a team. Looking forward to seeing the finished result and possibly working together in the future again.” - Don Cochran


Nuam Boih as Mary

Mary - the female lead - is played by Cing Hau Nuam (Nuam Boih).

Nuam Boih is in her third year as a student at Southwestern Adventist University, studying Biology. Her ultimate goal is to be a missionary doctor and serve in Myanmar.

“I am very excited and pleased to be part of this project and to share with everyone this amazing film. Acting is one of my interests, so when the opportunity arose for me to participate, I was very grateful and honored to be part of this journey.”
- Nuam Boih

Marc Hemingway as Sam

Marc Hemingway - who plays the supporting role of Sam, General Reese's assistant - was born in Lansing, Michigan. Marc studied electrical and computer engineering at Lansing Community College and Michigan State University. Marc loves film-making, especially the chance it gives him to put ideas into motion!

“The film SINLAI GUH LING BANG DO is an adrenaline-packed story of true heroism. It is a great story of good triumphing over injustice through the power of God's strength!” - Marc Hemingway


Muangpi John as Pa Mang

The actor who portrays Mary's father, Muangpi John, was born and raised in Tedim, Myanmar. He values collaborating with others for the greater good and missions. He currently resides in Indianapolis, Indiana.  Sports and singing are his two great loves. His biggest wish and hope is to use his gifts to glorify God and win people to Christ.


Sian Huai as Kimnu

In the movie Sing Lai Guh Ling Bang Do - Thorn in the Center of the Heart, Sian Huai portrays Khanpi's daughter.

Haw Hawm as Nu Siam

Haw Hawm - the actress who portrays Mary's mother - was born and raised in Myanmar. She enjoys the arts and grows up singing at church. When she moved to the US, she auditioned for a play in her high school theater, where she discovered her passion for the performing arts. Haw Hawm is a devout woman with a compassionate soul, who maintains her humility despite her many talents. She is incredibly committed and gives her all in everything she does.


Muan Kim as Muan

Muan Kim, who is playing Khan Pi's deceased wife, was born in Tedim, Myanmar, but spent the majority of her upbringing in Michigan with her parents and five siblings. She is working toward a master's degree and is extremely passionate about mentoring young people and developing them into intelligent, well-rounded individuals who will positively impact their communities and exalt God. She enjoys becoming involved in charitable endeavors for Christ and the Zomi. She loves exploring places, and she places a high importance on kindness, vulnerability, and happiness.

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